Why should you care about keywords? Because Proper keywords research is the key to directing new and recurring visitors to your website.

Proper keywords research should always be your #1 priority. They can make or break any website. So you always need Low Competition, High Search Volume which is profitable.

If content is king, Proper keyword research is queen. Reaching your target audience by organic search is only manageable when you find the right Kw’s

“Gig Services” What we provide:

  • Short & Long Tail
  • Kw’s ranking difficulty.
  • Low Competition 
  • Click Per Click
  • Very Easy to Rank in Search Engine
  • Competition Analysis
  • Related  + Phrase Match  + Questions Related to Kw’s
  • Kw’s competitiveness
  • High Search Volume
  • The report will be provided in Excel file format

Feel Free to contact me and discuss your project in detail.